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I thought I would take it back a bit today. This is one of my favorite skirts!  I know I say that a lot, but there’s a story behind the making of this skirt.  I was sent an inspiration picture and immediately went to the store. Immediately!  I found these two prints in a matter of 10 minutes.  I whipped this skirt up JUST as soon as I got home. I loved it!  The next morning, not so much.  I nitpicked this skirt to death!  My husband and daughters really liked the skirt.  I still wasn’t sold.  I sent it picture to a sewing group I’m in on Facebook and they loved it. I still wasn’t sold.  At this time, I was sewing myself a new outfit each week.  I didn’t have anything to wear that week, so I pulled it together and went to church.

Side note:  This is one of the amazing perks of sewing for yourself. At times, it’s my equivalent to retail therapy.

I received such a huge response at church and on social media.  I was overwhelmed and humbled.  Honestly, this skirt has had to grow on me, but the reason I love this skirt is because of the lesson I learned.  I had to trust my initial thought and not second guess myself.  I was so worried about what people may say about the skirt, that I allowed it to cloud the excitement I previously had.  I learned that confidence is my best accessory and that it didn’t matter what people thought about my outfit.  What I thought about it was all that mattered.  Sharing yourself on social media takes courage.  Being bold and walking in your truth is what separates you from the next person.

I’d like to challenge you to find an outfit that you loved in the store and didn’t think so highly of once you got it home.  Try it on again and remember what made you purchase it in the first place!  Share your experience with me in the comments!!!

Just in case you were wondering, you can order this skirt here!

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

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