Well, it’s been a while!  Sunday marked 42 years I have been blessed to be alive!  I am so thankful and grateful for all the amazing things that are going on in my life.  I have a loving husband, beautiful children and I’m blessed with family and friends that I love and adore!  Life is great and God is good!

Major milestones like birthdays and the New Year always make me reevaluate where I am in my life and where I see myself in the near and distant future.  I have been consistently inconsistent with my blog and needed to take some much needed time to regroup and give thought on what I wanted the focus of this blog to be, if I wanted to keep it at all.  I have all the tools to be consistent (check out this blog post on a tool I use), so what’s the deal?!?! While I love sewing skirts (it is my business), I wanted to use this platform for more than showcasing my pleated skirts.  To be very honest, I was becoming bored with only wearing the skirts and tees (which I really do love).  I wanted to get back to sharing what I love, not just what increases revenue.  While I think there is a place for promoting my business, I wanted this blog to be something I could do for the rest of my life, even if I never earned a dime!  I will be the first to say, posting pictures of me in skirts was not going to cut it!

I want this blog to be a place I can document my growth and be transparent. I have been working on improving my personal sewing techniques and even though I’ve only been sewing for a couple years, I feel like I know very little.  I enrolled in a sewing class, so you’ll be hearing a lot about that.

Before I get out of here, I want to share with you a dress I made a couple of weeks ago.   I watched her tutorial when she first published it and felt like it was too complicated.  I clearly was just being silly!  I followed this very easy tutorial and love the way it turned out.  I think it took me a little over an hour in total to make.  This dress is beyond comfortable, super cute, hides all the “business”, and yes, I’ve already made another one!  Tierany J is a sewing friend of mine and an absolute sweetheart!  She has more amazing tutorials you may want to check out here.

***i won’t be selling this version as it’s not my original design.  Please follow Tierany J on Facebook for information on purchasing this dress.  Tell her I sent you!

I have some awesome BLACK FRIDAY deals I’ll be sharing, so stay tuned!!!

Have an amazing week friends!!!





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