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I absolutely LOVE a color pop!  I made this grey skirt a while back and have wore it a handful of times.  This pink top can be found here and the shoe is a favorite I purchased from   I am 5’9 and it’s very challenging to find skirts that actually touch the ground when I have on heels. I definitely wanted to make sure this skirt had plenty of length.  The fabric also allows me to tie a cute knot on the side of the skirt and slip on some cute sandals!

Sewing for myself gives me the ability to customize each and every outfit I make.  If my posts are inspiring you to want to learn to sew, head over to YouTube and watch a few videos.  I would highly recommend Mimi G’s Sewing Basics video.  She has a host of free videos you can find here.  She also has an online Sewing It Academy that is designed with a beginner sewer in mind!

Have an AMAZING weekend!

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