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I wish you all could be there with me when I do these photo shoots.  My husband shoots for me and most of the pictures I use are off-guards!  He’s always doing something silly to make me laugh and these shoots are NO EXCEPTION!!!

While ordering an African print for a client, I found this pretty floral print.  I didn’t know what I wanted to make out of it and finally decided to make this skirt. It’s definitely thinner than I like, but it has a great sheen to it.  While I wouldn’t purchase this print again, I do like how the skirt turned out!  I think this would also look really pretty as an above the knee dress.  This is a skirt you will see on Sunday at church or during the week running errands….tons of possibilities!  You already know I had to pair it with the My Black Is Beautiful Shirt!

If you’re loving this look, you can order your custom skirt and top here.